Friday, July 27, 2012

Thailand, threesomes and haunted gadget stores

Jocelyn and I were meeting up with James and his new girlfriend Aiiyah for a bit. Made fun of her name a little before we departed.

After we left, we went to check out some stores in Thailand (I guess we were honeymooning). Realising I forgot my backpack and laptop in the restaurant, I gave James a call to see if he had it.

I got video response back, showing me he and his girlfriend were back in the hotel having a threesome with Matthew Tan. James was sticking his wang into Matt's mouth and thrusting. Matt couldn't take it and threw up while James' girlfriend giggled.

I guess my laptop isn't there...

I ended up in some industrial area, filled with tyre stores and rubber manufacturers. I looked around and there was a patch of grass around a corner of the road, but there were some plastic jerry cans letting off some powdery black dust into the air.

The dust/smoke would rise up to about 4m high and then fall to the road before me. Feeling a little creeped out, I left back to the main shopping area.

As I left, I bumped into this huge white guy called Dave. He had been looking for me to return my backpack and laptop, but he said "I wouldn't stretch it anymore, it's already expanded."

After taking a look inside, the bag was wet and the laptop was missing. Oh well...

Shortly after I met up with Jocelyn again to show her the place I found. On the way there we found a gadget/icecream store and popped by.

Turns out Dave works there! Greeted us and showed us some stuff. We drooled over the icecream and then took a look around the store.

I grabbed a harddrive and proceeded to buy it, but for some reason they couldn't sell that one. It was our last day in Thailand but they were willing to order one in and ship it to Sydney for me.

Problem was my credit card was maxed and I would have trouble paying it off. Anyway, I agreed and it was all sorted out.

I took a look around and found more stuff I wanted. Headphones, mouse, etc. Went to pay for it but then I realised all this other junk in the bag which I never picked.

Figurines of cowboys, robots and super heroes. Weird. I took them out and put them beside the counter, saying I didn't want then. Dave wandered off to another part of the store.

I explained to the manager that I didn't want those and I had no idea how they got there. He gave me a sly grin and wandered off.

As I stood there waiting for someone to clear my stuff, those figurines were back in my bag! Not just that, there were even more!

Freaking out a little, I removed the extra things and thought about it. Then I remembered, ghosts and black magic runs rampant in parts of Asia.

I asked the manager if "this part" of the store was haunted, specifically the counter. He grinned at me again and said quietly "Just keep an eye on your limits."

I took that as a hint to cancel my transactions and get the hell out of there, and I did! My laptop was somehow back in the hotel, good thing as we were packing up to leave!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Witch Doctor in the corn fields

There was some stuff happening before hand, but I don't recall that far ahead. The first bit I remember is being at home in the carport and opening the glass slidedoor (which was different, it had a white handle and slid open like a kitchen drawer).

When inside, my parents were having a party with loads of food.

Jocelyn was getting me some food and handed me some. As I ate, there was a bit of touching *blushes* involved until someone came around so we had to stop.

We looked outside and saw it was great weather, so the idea came up to go for a drive somewhere. During this part there was some fuss about keys and wallets, but I don't remember it clearly.

The scene switched and we were in a sedan sized people mover (laid out like a minibus or limousine). There was a white couple with us and I had no idea who they were but they chatted to us.

All of a sudden Jocelyn frantically jumps out of the car, screaming something. Confused, I tried to follow but the white couple held me back saying it's too dangerous to jump out of a moving vehicle.

When the car stopped, I looked to the left to see a field. Over the field was the sky, which was such a dark grey it was almost purple.

And then BOOM! The storm came. A cyclone funnel appeared in the distance from the dark clouds and hit the field.

I freaked out and ran towards the place Jocelyn hopped off to look for her. The white couple stayed in the car.

Running along the road to the spot she was dropped, I could see a clearing the size of a football field, but I could also see the cyclone quickly gaining speed towards us ripping corn out of the fields.

In the distance, I could see Jocelyn standing with her back towards me in the clearing of the field holding a flame torch, looking intently into the field. I spotted her by her black and hot pink Billabong hoodie.

Next to her was someone else, smaller and short. Looked like a kid.

From my glass platform (complete with glass fence) along the road, I yelled at her to get out of there, a cyclone was coming. That seemed to snap her out of it and she bolted, holding the kid's hand.

They ran back into a path in the field towards me. I watched as the corn leaves rustled wherever they ran.

When she emerged, she had corn leaves all over her head and it was like a witch doctor's mask (too much Diablo 3 for me obviously!)

She even ran in slow-motion like the witch doctor haha

Except now she had about 10 kids following her! What the!? They frantically ran past me without saying anything.

When I turned around to follow them, they were already long gone. We were now running in the corn fields within a glass hallway.

The ground was still soil and as I noticed that, something moved in the corner of my eye.

I looked but nothing moved. I continued to run but something else twitched. I stopped to look again. Nothing.

When I turned around to run again, I kept my eye on the floor behind me. That's when I saw it.

A thin couple of little grass/weeds were running after me! Puny, with 2-3 little legs but WTF!?

It knew I realised what was going on and I bolted. It kept chasing me! After a few seconds of running, I thought "why am I running from this?" and stopped.

I stomped on it as it tried to scuttle past, picked it up and tore it in half.

Dropped it on the floor and resumed catching up with Jocelyn.

But the little weed somehow revived! It was still chasing me! I killed it another 3 times and it kept coming back! "What sort of magic have you found out there Jocelyn!?" was what I thought.

From the glass hallway, I saw them running through another path into the fields.

And that's where it ends. First time I've heard my 630am alarm in a good long while =)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nick made me so lolmad!

(I woke up pretty angry because this was a frustrating dream lol)

We were at some restaurant coz it was Moo's farewell or something.

Jocelyn was sitting with Lum on another table since there weren't enough seats. We had a joint table but the people next to us were already there when we got to the restaurant.

So I was with Moo and friends while Jocelyn and Nick were talking about something serious. I was so bored and just waiting around.

The scene switched, turning into Jocelyn and I driving the MPS to some American bush style home (brown log house, triangle shape, etc)
Imagine this, but on top of a hill with an aviary and a blue MPS

It was up on a hill, with an aviary at a cul-de-sac (almost sounds like home!). The house was a holiday and we were with Nick (from IRC) and someone else.

I parked across the road from our holiday house but didn't realise it was someone's driveway.

Since I already had unpacked some stuff, Nick offered to u-turn and park the car for me, so I let him.

He turned the car around, floored it and slammed into a parked car! Destroyed the whole right back side of the other car and wrecked the MPS.

He gets out all fine and says "Don't let someone drunk control your car" with a smile. I was so furious! Punched him in the face but he's super strong/big now.

So we get into the house and unpacked our stuff. He laughs at me again for letting him drive it when drunk.

Then somehow we were playing Diablo 3. He was hosting the game and then banned me! =\

Far out, raging so bad when I woke up lol

Monday, March 26, 2012

Wrapped router baby

In this dream I was living in my own place with Jocelyn and we had to mind Verona & baby brother.

The baby brother was in a carry basket and Ting Ting & Renaldy were almost over to pick them up.

Jocelyn gift wrapped the boy in wrapping paper and I burst out laughing when I saw it. Verona was not happy, as shhe starting punching Jocelyn as a kid would.

I stepped in and protected Jocelyn by putting out my bum in her face lol.

Renaldy came in all excited with a new router while Ting Ting cracked up at the situation haha.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A stranger's wife, home renovations TV show and Dungeons & Dragons

(This made little sense to me after reading it over)

Started off with some guy in the fitting room showing his wife pictures of stuff.

First a picture of a car that barely fit into a car park, his face with full determination to get it in. The car then transformed into a scooter, and then a lawn mower.

The dream then became a Home renovation style show. The show hostess mentioned the guys from Channel 9 gave her a ladder to paint stuff, but it needed some convincing and some VB.

While we were painting the house, some white paint got on my hand. I decided to create a bubble around myself before continuing since I was wearing a nice cardigan.

The bubble suit I put on got messy with paint. I realised the paint was already on my hand and smeared. Alf from Home and Away laughed at me.

There was some guy going around talking to everyone and anyone he spoke to left. Jocelyn thought he was sleazy. There weren't many people left to talk to and G decided to have a chat to him before he got to Jocelyn.

The sleazy guy ended up being Portuguese too and recently arrived. They became friends.

A lady from the real estate agency came in with some floor plan papers, with the name Michelle Tang on the papers.

Some people took the papers and started playing Dungeons and Dragons with it. Somehow we ended up being finalists in the game where the winner takes the house.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Neighbour's funeral and the cop station

My neighbour's mother died and her funeral was on my wedding day.

Parents told me to change the date of the wedding or else they had to skip parts of the formalities to do religious stuff in order to prevent bad luck or haunting of our home.

Dad told me that stuff while driving to the cop station but we didn't know where to park when we got there. We scoured all over the place slowly and got beeped by some people.

The usual parking place next to the police station was used by employees at Microsoft and Adobe.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Costume party at Nida's photography studio

The dream was about some new years festival on the streets of inner city, probably Newtown or some hipster place like that.

People were dressed up in horror costumes, like Aliens and The Thing. Bumped to Ann Luong along the way so we had a quick chat.

We went to meet up with Nida in her office on 2nd level of some apartment. It was full of paper and 3 single beds. She was sittig behind a table with 4 joint monitors, running her photography business.

I asked her what she was doing and she said "curdling". Dud Hung, Serena and friends came up to Nida's office get some android related stuff. It was in the corner of the room, on a shelf.

Somehow it ended up being a paper crane with some writing on it, the name of some Japanese guy.

Even though I was sleeping, I was fascinated with the 4 touch-screen monitors so much my brain tried to figure out how it worked and I woke up trying to think of a way to make the magic happen.